The Drafty Cellar Taphouse


Watertown, Wisconsin Taphouse Jobs

At this time we do not have any open positions. Please send us your resume and fill out our online application form and we will review it when a position becomes available. Cheers!


  1. An extensive knowledge for craft beer and breweries and a general knowledge of other craft beverages.
  2. Good communication skills.
  3. Attentiveness to customers/patrons.
  4. Personable.
  5. Ability to multitask and work in a fast paced environment.
  6. Good work ethic.
  7. Fast Learner.
  8. Takes direction well from others.
  9. Can work around a flexible schedule.
  10. Basic math and money handling skills.
  11. Previous bar tending experience is not required, however it is preferred. 
  12. Bar tending license is required.
  13. Must consent to a background check. 
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